The Journey from Separation in Love
to Fulfillment in Life

By Carlino Giampolo



The turning point in the process of growing
up is when you discover the core of strength
within you that survives all hurt.

Max Lerner

Now that you have made the decision to let go, be constantly aware that you have within you the strength to carry out that decision in such a way that what lies ahead of you can only lead to success. Remember that it was your own fortitude which allowed you to face honestly the need for this separation. And your own inner resources provided you with the capacity for going through with the only course of action which could lead you to a meaningful direction for your life. You are now embarking on a time in your life when you will need to make other very difficult decisions. Be convinced that the same inner strength which has brought you this far will continue to enable you to take charge of your life.

It is natural for you to seek the help of loved ones and friends during this trying period. Such help, when offered, should be accepted and utilized by you with a sense of appreciation and love. Keep in mind, however, that the burden ultimately lies on your own shoulders and that you are indeed strong enough to bear this weight with a positive attitude; and that, if necessary, you can stand alone in doing it. Your task is to heal your wounds now so that you will be prepared to contribute to your own growth and development and, in turn, to that of others.

Continue to reevaluate your decisions as you work through each phase of this breakup. At each step, have the courage to do what is best for you. Be strong-minded and resilient in your efforts to let go. Every decision you make during this time should reflect your awareness of your own power to succeed. Let no one intimidate you. With perseverance you will see your way through all the decisions necessary for getting you back to your normal self.

By drawing upon the power which you have worked so hard at developing, you will be able to meet any eventuality caused by this separation. Be steadfast in your determination to avoid playing the role of victim or martyr. Think of the worst possible scenario in connection with this breakup. Is it that bad? Surely not. The most difficult scenario, that of the process of deciding to let go, is one which you have already mastered because of your inner strength. That same strength is still yours for meeting every challenge that stands before you. Continue to be firm in your decision. Walk forward courageously.

“The Journey from Separation in Love to Fulfillment in Life”

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