The Journey from Separation in Love
to Fulfillment in Life

By Carlino Giampolo


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When I can read my title clear
to mansions in the skies,
I bid farewell to every fear,
and wipe my weeping eyes.

Isaac Watts

In this period of change you are living through you owe it to yourself to remove from your path all obstacles which might prevent you from realizing the new goals you have set for yourself. Fear is one of the greatest impediments to self-realization. And the fear of loneliness is one of the first emotions to be conquered during a time of separation, since it gives birth to a multitude of other fears which can only hinder your progress. You need to understand the nature of fear in order to overcome it. The anxiety you are feeling is rooted in a set of beliefs which are faulty.

One of these mistaken beliefs is that you are incapable of being alone, even for a limited period of time, and that to do so will render you helpless. While it is true that you must confront and understand your fears on your own in order to do away with them, this should not be equated with loneliness. Think of this period as one in which you are allowing yourself the freedom to come to terms with your own reality. This is the time when you must discover your erroneous beliefs and change them, so that they will no longer stand in your way. It is only by converting this fear into something positive that you can truly prevent the separation that fear creates between you and your own true feelings, thoughts and identity.

Fear also feeds upon another illogical belief at a time such as this: the belief that you do not love well enough. Simply stop for a moment and think of the qualities you possess for creating and maintaining meaningful interpersonal relationships and you will see that this fear, like so many, is imaginary. Think of the risks you run if you allow unrealistic fears to block your determination to see your way through this separation with a sense of self-love and a vision of the achievements which lie ahead of you.

Confront those fears which do have true substance. Look at them honestly and determine the course of action within your power for resolving them. These fears should be thought of as a challenge which you are more than prepared to meet.

The overwhelming majority of your preoccupations, however, have no real substance at all. They are the result of faulty beliefs. They are fears which have grown out of your unwillingness to accept your own strength and personal worth. Release yourself from them. Focus on your present reality. Love yourself. Place yourself in harmony with the core of your own spiritual strength and with your capacity to enrich your own life and the lives of others. In order to discover what is true, what is your destiny, you must demand freedom from all fears.

“The Journey from Separation in Love to Fulfillment in Life”

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